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Why Do We Say By Heart Instead of By Brain to Mean Mermorize?

05 Feb 2017 22:49

You have to learn a poem to recite in class. How do your learn it? By heart. You're an actor and you have to memorize your lines. You learn them by heart. You have to give a big speech. Better learn by heart!

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How Do We Know What Idioms Mean?

17 Dec 2016 17:17

An Amazon review of a book on cliches and idioms complained that the book only gave the meaning of the phrases, but not the origins. What good is this, the reviewer asked? Everybody knows the meaning of these everyday expressions, why write a book with only their meanings, without exploring their origins?

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What's the Difference Between Idioms and Slang?

17 Dec 2016 16:30

Peruse just a few of the idioms on this or other sites, and you may notice that many idioms don't look much different than what most of us call slang. Why not call a spade a spade? Is there a difference between an idiom and slang?

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What Books Have Information On Idioms?

17 Dec 2016 16:00

There are many books that contain information on American and English idioms, slang, and other expressions. The best books to find information on idioms are idiom dictionaries, however.

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