Back the Wrong Horse

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Also: Bet on the wrong horse

Meaning of Idiom

Back the Wrong Horse: to make the wrong choice concerning who or what you support and to support a person or action that is later unsuccessful; to make a wrong choice; to guess wrongly concerning the final outcome. 1,2,3


The idiom is widely used to refer to political races and any situation where the outcome is uncertain.


"I backed the wrong horse in last year's election."

"Investing in such an unproven product was a mistake. He really backed the wrong horse on that one."

Back the wrong horse idiom
Back the wrong horse idiom


In this idiom, the word back is used in the sense of "support." To back a horse is to support its chances of winning a race, which, in horse racing, usually entails the intention of betting on the horse to win. Thus, to "bet on the wrong horse" has the same meaning. In regards to wagering on horses, the expression has been used since the late 1600's. 1,3

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