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Pay me no mind
Pretend I'm not here

Meaning of Idiom 'Don't Mind Me'

The expression 'don't mind me' is used to tell another person in the same room with you to not pay any attention to you and to not let you interrupt them or distract them from what they are doing. The expression is a polite but informal one. However, it can sometimes be used sarcastically to indicate annoyance at being ignored or treated rudely.


The idiom is usually used alone but polite assurances may be added, such as "Don't mind me, just keep doing what you're doing." It is often used when by someone who just walked into a room in which another person is working.

When used sarcastically the expression is usually elaborated, such as with a list of complaints about unfair or thoughtless treatment. Example:

"Don't mind me, I'm just the guy who pays all the bills and works two jobs!"


In use since at least mid-1800's, this idiom the verb form of the word mind in the sense of "regard as important, feel concern about; or be worried or distressed about."

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