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Get itchy feet
Give (one) itchy feet

Rarely: Get/Have an itchy foot

Meaning of Idiom 'Have Itchy Feet'

To have itchy feet is to have a marked desire to travel or move from one place to another; to have the desire to leave a place. Also, to be eager to make a change or start something new; to be restless. 1, 2, 3


This idiom is used to describe someone who likes to take frequent trips or move from place to place. In other words, someone who has itchy feet has wanderlust. However, the expression can also be used to describe someone eager to make a change, such as to start a new job or to someone who is simply bored or restless in their current circumstances.


"Don't count on Wally being home for long. He's always had itchy feet."

"Every time I think of home I get itchy feet."

"Watching the planes pass overhead always gives me itchy feet. I miss traveling."

"I like my job but lately I've had itchy feet. Maybe it's time to try something new."


Used since the early part of the 1900's.

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