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Meaning Of Idiom 'In Progress'

When something is in progress it is taking place right now but is not yet finished; underway or under development. 1,2


The idiom in progress is often used to refer to meetings, as in "there is an important meeting in progress in that room."

Also, a plan or solution might be "in progress." This usage means that a plan or solution is under development or is being implemented.


"A plan is in progress to address the congestion on the state's highways."

"You can't go into that room," said the receptionist. "A meeting is in progress."

"I missed half the football game because some news story interrupted it. They started showing the game already in progress."


Used since the early part of the 1800's.

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2. Spears, Richard A. McGraw-Hill's American Idioms Dictionary. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2008.

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