My Pleasure (it was)

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Also: The pleasure was all mine (formal)

Meaning of Idiom 'My Pleasure'

Other than "You're welcome," there are several idiomatic responses to "Thank You."

'My pleasure' or the longer form 'it was my pleasure' is one of these. When you use this response you are telling the person who thanked you that it was your pleasure to help them; they do not need to thank you because you actually enjoyed helping.

Note: Most responses to thank you, despite their specific allusions, are used routinely and offhand as standard substitutes for "You're welcome."


"Thanks for writing that letter of recommendation, Mr. Foster." "My pleasure," replied Mr. Foster.

"If you hadn't helped me with that computer problem I never would have finished my report on time, Tom. Thanks so much!" said Tina. "It was my pleasure," said Tom.


Used as a response to gratitude since the mid-1900's.

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