Rain Or Shine

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Also: Come rain or shine

Meaning of Idiom 'Rain Or Shine'

Rain or shine can have both a more literal meaning and a figurative meaning. Literally, it means whether or not the weather it is raining outside or the sun is shining. Figuratively, it means regardless of circumstances, whether they are good or bad. 1,2


"The post office pledges to deliver the mail rain or shine."

"My father has always been there for me, rain or shine."

"Come rain or shine, we are going to go fishing tomorrow," said Uncle Bill.


Recorded as early as 1699 in "Astro-meteorologica, or Aphorisms And Large Significant Discourses on the Natures and Influences of Celestial Bodies" by John Goad:

"In the mean while we are told our Aspect brings a Settlement as to what happens, Rain, Or Shine, for many days; but they leave the poor Disciple to determine the number himself."

Used regularly since at least the mid-1800's to refer to the weather, the idiom passed into its more figurative use sometime later.

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