The Gift Of Gab

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Also: Gift of the gab

Meaning of Idiom The Gift of Gab

The gift of gab is the ability to speak in a very fluent, confident and eloquent manner, especially when this ability allows one to easily persuade others to do what one wants. 2,1,3

Gift of Gab Idiom Video Presentation

Gift of Gab Idiom Video Presentation

Examples of Use

"He wasn't really qualified as an administrator, but his gift of gab allowed him to rise to the top of the company."

"The candidate never had a good command of the facts, but he had the gift of gab. Voters easily fell for his charm."


Gab was used during the late 1700's as a word for conversation or 'chatter.' The Scottish term gab was associated with gob, meaning 'the mouth.' Having the gift of the gab meant having a gift for fluent conversation. 2,1

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