Fit Like A Glove

Meaning of Idiom “Fits (one, you) Like a Glove’

To fit like a glove, in regards to clothing, means to be the right size and to fit one perfectly. Figuratively, the idiom means to be well suited or to be in conformity.

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“Mr. Humphrey is always well dressed. He wears tailored suits that fit him like a glove.”

“John’s new job fits him like a glove. He loves working with animals.”

“He left his old organization because he didn’t agree with their positions. His new charity fits him like a glove.”

“There are not many custom shoemakers left. We always like to say our shoes fit you like a glove.”

“That dress fits you like a glove!”

fit like a glove idiom meaning


This idiom is based on the literal need for a glove to fit the hand perfectly. It has been used in English since at least the mid to late-1700’s.

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