Bad Egg

Meaning of Idiom ‘Bad Egg’ A bad egg is a person who, although they seem to be good, turns out to be a very bad person; one who cannot be trusted. Bad egg is the opposite of good egg. Examples Of Use “I’m telling you, Robert is just a bad egg. I wouldn’t trust him if … Read more

Bark Up the Wrong Tree

Meaning of Idiom ‘Bark Up the Wrong Tree’ To bark up the wrong tree means to waste your time or energy by doing something in the wrong way or by taking the wrong path; to do something based on an incorrect line of thought or course of action. 1Ammer, Christine. American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. Boston: Houghton Mifflin … Read more

Bar None

Meaning of Idiom ‘Bar None’ Bar none means without exception. Usage This idiom is generally used with a superlative such as best or worst. Examples of Use “My Uncle Henry was the meanest person I’ve ever known, bar none.” “Baseball is bar none the best game ever invented.” “Many people regard Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to be the greatest painting … Read more

Bang One’s Head Against A Brick Wall

Also: Beat One’s Head Against a Brick Wall Bang/beat one’s head against a wall Meaning of Idiom ‘Bang One’s Head Against a Brick Wall’ To bang one’s head against a (brick) wall means to stubbornly continue trying to achieve an objective that is almost impossible. 1Spears, Richard A. McGraw-Hill’s American Idioms Dictionary. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2008. 2Ayto, … Read more

Backseat Driver Meaning

An expression in use since at least the 1920’s. Meaning of Idiom ‘Backseat Driver Idiom’ A backseat driver is a person who insists on telling the driver what to do, how to drive, what roads to take, etc., regardless if the driver wants the advice or not. This expression refers to said person being annoying. … Read more

Backhanded Compliment

Also: Left-handed Compliment Meaning of Idiom ‘Backhanded Compliment’ A backhanded (or left-handed) compliment is an ambiguous statement that seems to be or is intended to be a compliment but is actually critical and could be seen as an insult; an insult disguised as praise. When someone pays you a backhanded compliment, they are actually being condescending. … Read more

Backfire (on someone)

Meaning of Idiom ‘To Backfire (on someone)’ When something, such as a plot, plan, project, situation, or idea unexpectedly produces a bad result which harms the person carryng out the plot, plan, idea, etc. it is said to have backfired on that person; a failure which results in an undersired result.1Spears, Richard A., and Luc Nisset. McGraw-Hill’s … Read more

Back To The Drawing Board

Meaning of Idiom ‘Back to the Drawing Board’ Back to the drawing board means that an effort has failed and it is time to start over from the beginning, or nearly from the beginning, and devise a new plan or approach. To go back to the drawing board is to go back to the initial … Read more

Back To Square One

Meaning of Idiom ‘Back to Square One’ To go back to square one means to return to the beginning and repeat something, usually after a plan or effort completely fails; to start over. 1McIntosh, Colin. Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Cambridge University Press, 2013. 2Bengelsdorf, Peter. Idioms in the News – 1,000 Phrases, Real Examples. N.p.: Amz Digital Services, 2012. … Read more

Back the Wrong Horse

Also: Bet on the wrong horse Meaning of Idiom Back the Wrong Horse: to make the wrong choice concerning who or what you support and to support a person or action that is later unsuccessful; to make a wrong choice; to guess wrongly concerning the final outcome. 1McIntosh, Colin. Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Cambridge University Press, 2013. … Read more