My Way or the Highway

Meaning of Idiom ‘My Way or the Highway’ When someone says my way or the highway, they are giving an ultimatum that means you either have to do what they say or leave or be excluded; agree or leave. Want to see more videos from Idioms.Online? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Usage This idiom is … Read more

My Pleasure, it was (Thank You Response)

Also: The pleasure was all mine (formal) Meaning of Idiom ‘My Pleasure’ Other than “You’re welcome,” there are several idiomatic responses to “Thank You.” ‘My pleasure‘ or the longer form ‘it was my pleasure‘ is one of these. When you use this response you are telling the person who thanked you that it was your pleasure to … Read more

My Heart Bleeds For You

My heart bleeds for you and various versions of the sentiment such as “my heart bleeds tears” were used since the 1300’s to express severe anguish and sympathy. The idiom has been used much differently since the late 1940’s. Meaning of My Heart Bleeds for You Although ‘my heart bleeds for you’ can be used … Read more