Beat Around the Bush

Also: Beat about the bush Meaning Of Idiom ‘Beat Around the Bush’ To beat around the bush means to avoid speaking about something or be evasive and overly cautious; to not really say what one means, especially when one feels the topic is too important, upsetting or sensitive, or when one’s knowledge of the subject … Read more

Running Around Like a Chicken With its Head Cut Off

Also: Running around like a headless chicken (acting like) a chicken with its head cut off Meaning of Idiom ‘Running Around Like a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off’ Someone who is running around like a chicken with its head cut off is rushing about and behaving in a panicked and irrational manner; someone acting … Read more

Nose Around

Also: Nose about Meaning of Idiom ‘Nose Around’ To nose around is to snoop around. It means to look for something that is hidden or being kept private or just to look around someone else’s property. The idiom is sometimes used, as well, to refer to the actions of a busy-body, someone hanging around and eavesdropping on private … Read more

Horse Around

Meaning of Idiom ‘Horse (horsing) Around’ The idiom horse around or horsing around is probably related to ‘horseplay’ which has long been a term meaning rough, noisy and rowdy play. To horse around, however, doesn’t necessarily mean to engage in rough play. It usually refers to playing or being silly when you are supposed to … Read more

Every Time One Turns Around

Meaning Every time one turns around: An emphatic way of saying too often, or often enough to be annoying or aggravating. Usage This idiom is most often used to complain about some annoying or troublesome thing that tends to happen often, or seems to happen often. Examples Of Use “Every time I turn around, my … Read more