Baby Boomer

Also: Baby boom Baby boom generation Meaning Baby boomer: Someone born after World War II between approximately 1945 to 1965, a period during which there was a large increase or “boom” in the United States birth rate. The period is sometimes called the baby boom and those who were born during it are part of the baby boom … Read more

Babe in the Woods, a

Meaning A babe in the woods is a common idiomatic expression used to describe a person who is young, naive, inexperienced, and innocent. It is often used more specifically to refer to such persons being thrust into situations they are not ready to handle, similar to babe in arms. Sometimes, as well, it is used more pleasantly to … Read more

Babe in Arms, a

A babe in arms literally refers to a very young child or a baby who is not yet able to walk or crawl, and so must be carried in someone’s arms. As an idiomatic expression, though, it doesn’t need to refer to a child or baby at all. Meaning of Idiom ‘Babe in Arms’ Used as an … Read more