Dead and Buried

Also: Dead and gone Meaning Of Idiom ‘Dead and Buried’ Something that is dead and buried is completely ended; gone and forever in the past; no longer in use. 1McCarthy, Michael. Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms. Cambridge University Press, 2002,2Ammer, Christine. American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013.,3Ayto, John. Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms]. Oxford: … Read more

Bury One’s Head In The Sand

Also: Hide one’s head in the sand Have one’s head in the sand Meaning of Idiom ‘Bury One’s Head in the Sand’ To bury (your, his, her) head in the sand means to ignore obvious problems or dangers; to refuse to face unpleasant realities by pretending not to see them or know about them. 1Spears, Richard A. McGraw-Hill’s … Read more