Strapped for Cash

Also: Strapped for money, or just strapped. Meaning To be strapped for cash means to not have any money available. This idiom has a similar meaning to broke, hard up, short on money, and down to one’s last cent. Usage There are many English idioms which mean out of money and the way they are used depends on the circumstances. Being strapped … Read more

Cold, Hard Cash

Also: Hard cash Cold cash Meaning of Idiom ‘Cold, Hard Cash’ Cold, hard cash means actual money in the form of bills and coins as opposed to checks, credit, or any other form of payment; money that is readily available for payment. Compare to cash on the barrelhead. Usage The full idiom is rarely used verbally. Hard cash is … Read more

Cash On the Barrelhead

Also: Cash on the Nail (British) Meaning of Idiom ‘Cash on the Barrelhead’ Cash on the barrelhead is an American idiom with the same meaning as the British expression cash on the nail(or nail head), meaning immediate payment up front before any goods or services are received. When you are expected to put cash on the barrelhead you are … Read more

Cash Cow

Meaning of Idiom ‘Cash Cow’ A cash cow is something, such as a product or business, that is a reliable source or profit; a dependable money-maker that contributes the most overall profits to a business.  Want to see more videos from Idioms.Online? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Examples Of USe “Today, the company has … Read more