Chicken Out

Meaning Of Idiom ‘Chicken Out’ To chicken out means to refuse to do something because of fear or cowardice. 1Spears, Richard A. McGraw-Hill’s American Idioms Dictionary. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2008. ,2Ammer, Christine. American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013.  Usage To chicken out usually has the connotation of refusing to do something, … Read more

No Spring Chicken

Meaning of Idiom ‘No Spring Chicken’ A person who is no spring chicken is no longer young; someone who can no longer be considered youthful; an old person. Want to see more videos from Idioms.Online? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Usage This idiom is more often used to describe women but may be used to … Read more

Running Around Like a Chicken With its Head Cut Off

Also: Running around like a headless chicken (acting like) a chicken with its head cut off Meaning of Idiom ‘Running Around Like a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off’ Someone who is running around like a chicken with its head cut off is rushing about and behaving in a panicked and irrational manner; someone acting … Read more

Rubber-Chicken Dinner

Meaning of Idiom ‘Rubber Chicken Dinner’ Also: Rubber-chicken circuit Rubber-chicken dinner is a term used to describe the kind of unappetizing mass-produced food typically served at banquets. It is specifically associated with the kind of formal banquet dinners given by politicians for fund-raising but also describes the kind of dinners that public figures, CEO’s, and academic administrators … Read more