Daily Grind, the

Meaning of Idiom ‘The Daily Grind’ The daily grind is the boring, monotonous routine of each day, most often referring to a person’s job. Examples Of Use “Tired of the daily grind, he decided to move to the country and become a farmer.” “What have you been doing lately?” asked Pete. “Just the same old daily grind,” … Read more

Daily Dozen

An idiom with origins in the 1920’s. Meaning of Daily Dozen Idiom Daily dozen, as an idiom, refers to a daily exercise routine or any daily list of tasks or chores habitually performed. It expression usually refers to exercises but need not refer to one dozen exercises done in a series. Instead, it is used … Read more

Daily Bread (One’s)

Meaning of Idiom ‘Daily Bread’ Daily bread refers to one’s daily food or basic essentials of living. It can also mean the money needed to pay ordinary daily expenses. Often, references are made to ‘earning your daily bread,’ which is equivalent to earning one’s living. Examples Of Use “She couldn’t even earn her daily bread, … Read more