Bored to Death

Also: Bore someone to death Bore the pants off (of someone) Bored to tears (bore someone to tears) Bored stiff (bore someone stiff) Meaning of Idiom ‘Bored to Death’ To be bored to death means to be extremely bored. To bore someone to death means to be dull or uninteresting. See worry to death. Usage It … Read more

Worried to Death

Also: Worry oneself to death Meaning of Idiom ‘Worried to Death’ To be worried to death means to be extremely worried or anxious.  1Ammer, Christine.  American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013.  See worried sick. Examples Of Use “The hurricane is about to make landfall. Do you think everyone got out okay?” … Read more

Catch Your Death (You’ll)

Meaning of Idiom ‘Catch Your Death’ To catch your death is an exaggerated way of saying to catch a severe cold. The idiom can be extended to any similar illness associated with cold weather, such as flu.  Want to see more videos from Idioms.Online? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Usage Most often the expression is used … Read more

Be the Death of (me, someone)

Meaning of Idiom ‘Be the Death of One’ To be the death of (me, him, her, one) means to be the cause of someone’s death or ruin. This idiom can be used literally but is very often used as an exaggerated or humorous way to express the effects of some emotion such as aggravation, amusement, … Read more

At Death’s Door

Meaning of Idiom ‘At Death’s Door’ To be at death’s door means to be so ill or so badly injured that you may die; to be at a point where death is imminent. 1Ayto, John. Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms. Oxford: Oxford U, 2010. 2Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth M. The Wordsworth Dictionary of Idioms. Ware: Wordsworth, 1995. Usage To say … Read more