Dull As Dishwater (or Ditchwater)

Meaning of Idiom ‘Dull as Dishwater’ To be as dull as dishwater (or ditchwater) is to be extremely boring and tedious. Usage Dishwater is the more common usage today but both dishwater and ditchwater can be used interchangeably in the idiom. Examples Of Use “The Professor’s lecture was as dull as dishwater.” “I don’t know … Read more

Dish The Dirt

Meaning Dish the dirt: Gossip or spread malicious rumors or negative information and to do so with no regards to the damage done to others. Compare:¬†Dish Out or Dish it Out Examples Of Use “The tabloid exists solely to dish the dirt on celebrities.” “The reporter made a career out of dishing the dirt so … Read more

Dish Out or Dish it Out

Also: Dish it out but can’t take it Meaning Dish out (something): To give out something (advice, praise, favors, insults, criticism, information, etc.) in large amounts. The idiom is normally used in a critical sense and it is often negative things that are “dished out.” Dish it out: To dispense insults or abuse. Although the … Read more