In the Doghouse

Meaning of Idiom ‘In the Dog House’ When someone is in the doghouse, someone else is angry, annoyed, irritated, or displeased with them; to be in trouble, disfavor, or disgrace. 1Bengelsdorf, Peter. Idioms in the News – 1,000 Phrases, Real Examples. N.p.: Amz Digital Services, 2012.,2Spears, Richard A. McGraw-Hill’s American Idioms Dictionary. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2008.,3Ayto, John. Oxford Dictionary … Read more

Dog Eat Dog

Meaning of Idiom ‘Dog Eat Dog’ A situation which is dog eat dog is one where people are in fierce and ruthless competition and willing to do anything to gain the advantage; anything goes.  Want to see more videos from Idioms.Online? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Usage The idiom dog eat dog is most often used to refer … Read more