Quick On The Draw

Also: Quick on the Trigger Meaning of Idiom ‘Quick on the Draw To be quick on the draw means to be very fast reacting to a situation or to be quick to action in general. Examples Of Use “Comedians dealing with hecklers have to be quick on the draw.” “Don’t let Arthur’s quiet manner fool you. He’s quick … Read more

Luck Of The Draw

Meaning of Idiom ‘Luck of the Draw’ Luck of the draw refers to something being the result of chance. When something is the luck of the draw, you have no control over it, and must simply accept it. Examples Of Use “I really wish I wasn’t on guard duty tonight,” said the soldier. “It’s gonna be … Read more

Drawn Like a Moth to a Flame

Meaning of Idiom ‘Drawn Like a Moth to a Flame’ To be drawn like a moth to a flame means to be strongly attracted to something or someone, as if by instinct.  Want to see more videos from Idioms.Online? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Examples Of Use “A seasoned paleoanthropologist, when Fergusson saw the white glint … Read more

Draw the Short Straw

Meaning of Idiom ‘Draw the Short Straw’ To draw the short straw, used metaphorically, means to get chosen to do some unpleasant or disagreeable task. The idiom does not mean that straws were actually drawn, only that someone who didn’t want to do it was chosen. This person could be said to have gotten the short end … Read more

Draw the Line

Also: Draw a Line Meaning of Idiom ‘Draw the Line’ To draw the line is to set a definite limit on what one is willing to do, accept, etc. and to state emphatically that one will stop short of this limit. The idiom can also mean to separate one thing from another or to accept, recognize, or admit … Read more

Draw Fire

Meaning of Idiom ‘Draw Fire’ To draw fire is to attract criticism or hostility, often from a more powerful person or organization or a large group. Usage “The President draws fire from conservatives for his social positions.” “The companies ill-consider television commercial drew fire from all quarters.” Origin Draw, in this idiom, is used to … Read more

Draw A Blank

Meaning of Idiom ‘Draw a Blank’ Draw a Blank: To try to find something, obtain something, accomplish something, etc. and fail; to try to think of something and fail; to get no result or response. Usage “I’ve been looking for the missing file for weeks but I’ve drawn a blank.” “I tried to get some … Read more

Back To The Drawing Board

Meaning of Idiom ‘Back to the Drawing Board’ Back to the drawing board means that an effort has failed and it is time to start over from the beginning, or nearly from the beginning, and devise a new plan or approach. To go back to the drawing board is to go back to the initial … Read more