Get A Fix On (something)

Also: Have a fix on (something) Meaning of Idiom ‘Get a Fix On’ 1. To accurately determine the position of an aircraft, ship, or another moving object, usually of a military nature. 2. To accurately determine the basic facts of something and to clearly understand it. Compare get a fix. Examples Of Use “The coast guard has … Read more

Get a Fix

Meaning of Idiom ‘Get a Fix’ 1. To acquire a needed dose of an addictive drug. 2. To engage in a favorite habitual food, activity, etc. Compare get a fix on (something). Usage When an addict “gets a fix” they are obtaining a dose of the drug to which they are addicted. However, this expression is … Read more

Fix Your Wagon

Also: Fix your little red wagon. In use since at least the 1940’s. Meaning of Idiom ‘Fix Your (or one’s) Wagon’ To fix someone’s wagon means to hurt them, get revenge on them, punish them, make them fail, etc. When said to a child, it usually means that spanking or some other form of punishment is … Read more