Shoe is On the Other Foot, the

Also: The boot is on the other foot (British) Meaning of Idiom ‘The Shoe Is On the Other Foot’ The shoe is on the other foot means the situation has been reversed so that the person who was in a better position is now in the worse one; the circumstances of two people have reversed; … Read more

Put Your (or One’s) Best Foot Forward

Meaning of Idiom ‘Put One’s Best Foot Forward’ To put your best food forward is to do your best or present yourself in the best possible way; to make the best impression you can. Examples Of Use “If you want this promotion you’re going to have to put your best food forward. There are three other people … Read more

Put Your Foot In Your Mouth

Also: (to have) Foot-in-Mouth Disease Meaning of Idiom ‘To Put Your Foot in Your Mouth To put your foot in your mouth (or put one’s foot in one’s mouth) means to say something embarrassing, tactless, unintentionally insulting, or socially awkward; to commit a social blunder by saying something foolish. 1Brenner, Gail Abel. Webster’s New World American Idioms Handbook. Wiley, 2003.,2Ammer, … Read more

Back On Your Feet

In use since the 1800’s Meaning This idiom is related to a number of other idioms pertaining to being ‘on one’s feet.’ To be back on your feet is to have made a full recovery from an illness, or to have become fully adjusted to a new situation, such as a move, a new job, … Read more