Full-Court Press

Meaning of Full Court Press Idiom A full court press, when used as an idiom, refers to applying aggressive tactics using all the resources at your disposal to exert maximum pressure in order to achieve some desired outcome. Usage This expression can be used in any situation, but it is most often used in the world … Read more

Full Of Yourself

Meaning of Idiom ‘Full of Yourself’ (or oneself) To be full of yourself is to be pompous, self-centered, arrogant, conceited, etc.; to have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and to think you are special; to have an inflated opinion of yourself. Usage This expression is entirely negative and when we use it it is because we are … Read more

Come Full Circle

Also: Turn full circle or go full circle. Meaning of Come Full Circle Idiom The idiom ‘come full circle’ is similar to the idiom “what goes around comes around.” The expression describes a situation in which although a whole series of changes or events have taken place, conditions have returned to the original circumstances or position. There is … Read more