Jump the Shark

Meaning of Idiom ‘Jump the Shark’ 1. When a television series reaches a point where it includes unlikely, ridiculous or far-fetched events in a desperate attempt to stay entertaining or maintain novelty. 1Ayto, John. Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms. Oxford: Oxford U, 2010. 2. To do something ridiculous or questionable out of desperation to get attention … Read more

Jump In With Both Feet

An idiom in use since the late 1800’s. Also: Dive in with both feet. Meaning of Jump in With Both Feet To jump in with both feet means to become involved with something very quickly, enthusiastically, and completely. To commit completely to something without carefully thought about the situation beforehand. The opposite of look before you leap, dip … Read more

Jump Down Someone’s Throat

Also: Jump on Someone Jump all Over Someone Meaning of Idiom ‘Jump Down Someone’s Throat’ To jump down someone’s throat is to suddenly, with little provocation, speak to them in an angry, critical and aggressive way, usually in response to something they said or something that happened; to attack someone verbally over something they did before giving … Read more