Money Laundering

Also: Laundering money Laundered money Money launderer Meaning of Idiom ‘Money Laundering’ Money laundering is the criminal act of trying to make illegally obtained money seem legal by moving it through banks or other businesses, usually in small increments compared to the principal amount, thus transforming them into legitmate seeming assets. Examples Of Use “It … Read more

Air Dirty Laundry In Public

Also: Air One’s Dirty Linens in Public Wash One’s Dirty Laundry/Linens in Public Dirty Laundry (noun) Meaning of Idiom ‘Air (One’s) Dirty Laundry in Public To air one’s dirty laundry in public means to reveal personal matters in public which should probably be left private. This expression especially refers to unsavory secrets about one’s private life.  1Ammer, Christine. American … Read more