Arm and a Leg, an

Also: Cost and arm and a leg Charge an arm and a leg Pay and arm and a leg Give and arm and a leg Meaning of Idiom ‘An Arm and a Leg’ An arm and a leg is a very large amount of money; a very high price. 1Ammer, Christine. American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms]. Boston: … Read more

Talk The Hind Legs Off A Donkey

A British or Irish idiom dating to the early 1800’s or earlier. Also: Talk the hind legs off a dog. (Possibly Australian) Talk the legs off an iron pot. (Possible Australian) Meaning Of Idiom ‘Talk the Hind Legs Off a Donkey’ Like the similar idiom to talk someone’s ear off, to talk the hind legs off a … Read more

On Your (or One’s) Last Legs

Meaning of the Idiom ‘On Your Last Legs’ To be on your last legs be nearing the end of your strength or usefulness. This idiom usually refers to people, but can also refer to machinery, etc. It may sometimes refer to inanimate objects such as items of clothing. In regards to people, the expression usually means … Read more