Blow Off Steam

Also: Let off steam Meaning of Idiom ‘Blow Off Steam’ To blow off steam means to do something that helps relieve stress, tension, anger, or strong emotions; to get out one’s pent up feelings by complaining or talking loudly, or by some energetic activity; to play or work off excess energy, especially children. 1Heacock, Paul. … Read more

Let Bygones Be Bygones

Meaning of Idiom ‘Let Bygones Be Bygones’ To let bygones be bygones is to forget about unpleasant things that have happened in the past; to stop holding a grudge, quarreling or seeking revenge over past actions; to forgive and forget. 1Spears, Richard A. McGraw-Hill’s American Idioms Dictionary. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2008.,2Heacock, Paul. Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms. … Read more

Face It

Also: Let’s face it Face the facts Let’s face the facts Look (the facts, truth) in the face Meaning of Idiom ‘Face It’ Face it means to be honest and admit and accept unpleasant facts; accept reality even though it is difficult to accept; look at things as they really are. 1Ayto, John. Oxford Dictionary of English … Read more

Let The Grass Grow Under Ones Feet

Also: To not let the grass grow under one’s feet. Do not let the grass grow under your feet. Meaning of Idiom ‘Let the Grass Grow Under One’s Feet’ To let the grass grow under one’s feet means to waste time; to fail to take advantage of an opportunity or wait to act until it is too … Read more

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let sleeping dogs lies is an idiom that has existed since at least the 1300s, with cognates in several languages, including German and French. Meaning When we say “let sleeping dogs lie” we mean to not bring up problems that will themselves bring up even bigger problems. In other words, we are saying to not stir … Read more