Meaning of Idiom ‘Narrow-Minded’ When someone is narrow-minded, they are unwilling to consider or accept new ideas, opinions, ways of thinking, behavior, etc. that are different from their own; having a prejudiced mind; being intolerant of other views. The noun version of narrow-minded is narrow-mindedness. Related idiom: Open mind (open-minded) Examples Of Use “Don’t be so … Read more

Do You Mind?

Also: Would you mind, If you don’t mind Meaning of Idiom ‘Do You Mind’ Do you mind is used in two different ways in English. The second way is an annoyed, hostile, or humorous variation of the first. 1. Do you mind is used as a polite way to ask someone’s permission or to ask … Read more

Never Mind

Meaning of Idiom ‘Never Mind’ The idiom never mind is used to tell someone to disregard something; to take no notice of something; to not worry about something; to not be troubled by something, or to not be upset by something. The most common way of using this idiom is to tell someone to disregard … Read more

Blow My Mind

Also: mind-blowing (adjective) Meaning of Idiom ‘Blow My (or one’s) Mind’ Blow one’s mind is a very versatile idiom that is used to describe anything that is amazing, shocking, awe-inspiring, unusual, exciting, etc. In the past, it was also used to describe the effect of certain recreational drugs, such as LSD, on the mind. Rarely, … Read more

Have a Mind Like a Steel Trap

Also: Have a mind as sharp as a steel trap Meaning of Idiom ‘Have a Mind Like a Steel Trap’ To have a mind like a steel trap is to be able to understand things very quickly; to be able to think very quickly; to be very clearminded and intelligent. 1Ammer, Christine. American Heritage Dictionary of … Read more

Why Do We Say By Heart Instead of By Brain to Mean Mermorize?

You have to learn a poem to recite in class. How do you learn it? By heart. You’re an actor and you have to memorize your lines. You learn them by heart. You have to give a big speech. Better learn by heart! It is our brains which house memories and yet if you actually said … Read more

Keep an Open Mind

Also: Have an open mind with an open mind The primary idiom is open mind or open-minded but it is often used in these three common expressions. Further usage examples are given below. Meaning of Idiom ‘Keep an Open Mind’ To keep an open mind means to be willing to consider new or different ideas, opinions, suggestions, etc. 1 Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth M. The … Read more

Don’t Mind Me

Also: Pay me no mind Pretend I’m not here Meaning of Idiom ‘Don’t Mind Me’ The expression ‘don’t mind me‘ is used to tell another person in the same room with you to not pay any attention to you and to not let you interrupt them or distract them from what they are doing. The … Read more