Blow My Mind

Also: mind-blowing (adjective)

Meaning of Idiom ‘Blow My (or one’s) Mind’

Blow one’s mind is a very versatile idiom that is used to describe anything that is amazing, shocking, awe-inspiring, unusual, exciting, etc.

In the past, it was also used to describe the effect of certain recreational drugs, such as LSD, on the mind.

Rarely, it means to negatively affect someone’s mind, such as by causing a mental breakdown.

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The adjective version of this idiom ‘mind-blowing’ can be used interchangeably with ‘blow one’s mind.’ Something that blows your mind is mindblowing.

Examples Of Use

“This book will blow your mind. There’s a new twist in every chapter.”

“That movie blew my mind. It was so scary and the effects were amazing!”

“Ron stole money out of your wallet? That blows my mind. He really has changed.”

“Hearing about his death today blew my mind. He was so young.”


Used since the 1960s.

Initially used in reference to drugs, this idiom uses blow in the sense of “blow up” or, in other words, explode.

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