Carry the Day

Of ancient origin, this idiom has existed in English since at least the 1700s.

Meaning of Idiom ‘Carry the Day’

A synonym for win the day, to carry the day means to be victorious. This idiom is used especially in regards to winning debates or winning over people through arguments and speeches but is used in any situation in which one wins.

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Examples Of Use

“The game was close but the Titans carried the day.”

“We didn’t think the bill would go through but the senator’s impassioned speech carried the day.”

Carry the day idiom meaning


In use since at least the 1700’s, the origin of the carry the day can be seen in various other phrases having to do with the victor “carrying away” some symbol of victory, such as carry the bellcarry the palm, etc. So, to ‘carry the day’ means to carry off the honors of the day after gaining victory.

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