English Listening – Audio Story – The Strange Orchid by H.G. Wells – Free Story

Here you can listen to an audio recording of the short story by H.G. Wells, The Strange Orchid from Thirty Strange Tales by H.G. Wells while reading along with the text on the video. I’ve read the full story and linked up the text with my voice so this video is great for English listening practice.

Listening to audiobooks and audio-stories is a very good way to help you learn English.  This English listening video is for intermediate to advanced level speakers. The full story is printed below the video.

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H.G. Wells is the author of such classic science fiction novels at The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, and War of the Worlds. This story appeared in the anthology Thirty Strange Stories published by Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London, 1898. It is considered to be in the public domain.

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