From the Word Go

Also: From the get-go

Meaning of Idiom ‘From the Word Go’

From the word go means from the very beginning or start.

Examples Of Use

“It turns out the bank president was in on the scam from the word go.”

“I was a part of this company from the word go and now it’s finally time to retire.”

“I told you from the get-go not to depend on Roger, he’s never been reliable.”


Dating from the early 1800’s, the expression probably alludes to the start of a race signaled by an official yelling go, as in “ready, set, GO!”

The alternative, “from the get-go” is much younger, having been used since the 1960’s. The allusion here is probably quite transparent since the idiom seems to be a short-hand version of “since (something) got going.”

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