Get a Fix

Meaning of Idiom ‘Get a Fix’

1. To acquire a needed dose of an addictive drug.

2. To engage in a favorite habitual food, activity, etc.

Compare get a fix on (something).


When an addict “gets a fix” they are obtaining a dose of the drug to which they are addicted. However, this expression is also used generally to describe getting access to anything one habitually enjoys. The idiom can be modified. E.G. “Get a heroin fix” or “Get my chocolate fix.”

Examples Of Examples

“The first thing I do when traveling is to figure out where I can get my coffee fix.”

“No matter what, I need to get my exercise fix. It helps keep me relaxed.”

“When I was an addict, all I cared about was getting my next fix.”


Fix has been used to refer to a dose of a narcotic drug since the 1930’s. By the 1950’s, it began to be used to refer to anything that a person seeks out compulsively, or regularly enjoys. (Source)

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