Hash Out

Also: Hash Over

Meaning of Idiom ‘Hash (Something) Out’

To hash something out is to discuss or review it in-depth, especially in order to reach an agreement.


“When you get a chance,” said Nancy, “we need to sit down and hash out a new schedule.”

“I definitely want to make a deal with you,” said the investor, “but we have some things to hash out first.”

“I hashed over things with Becky last night,” said Anthony, “but I still don’t think we’re going to stay together.”


Since the 1600’s the word hash has been used as a verb to mean “to chop into small pieces; to hack.” The word derives from the French word hacher meaning “to chop up.” (Source)

This idiom alludes figuratively to “cutting something into small pieces” to express the idea of carefully discussing every detail of something.

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