Last Word, the


‘Have the last word’
‘Get the last word’
‘Be the last word’
‘Be/Say One’s Last word (about something)

Meaning of Idiom ‘the Last Word’

The last word is used in two idioms which can have several meanings.

“To have the last word” means to have the right or to take the right to have the final word or to make the final conclusion on something, or in other words, to be the person who makes the final decision. It can also mean to have the right to perform the final action in a process.

Someone who must have the last word is someone who insists on making the final remark or decision.

As well, ‘to have the last word’ or ‘be the last word’ can mean to the most current, up-to-date, or fashionable or to have made a conclusive or authoritative statement on something.

To ‘say one’s last word’ means to give one’s final statement, opinion, or decision on something.

Examples Of Use

“Since the vote in the Senate resulted in a tie, the vice president had the last word on passing the bill.”

“I think I can give you that discount, said the salesman, but my boss has the last word in such matters.”

“Her book is considered to be the last word on native culture in the region.”

“Teddy must always have the last word on everything! It’s so annoying!”

“The two billionaires are competing to be the last word in commercial space flight.”

“I’ll sell you the car for $2500. That’s my last word. Take it or leave it.”


An English idiom, in various forms, since the late 1800’s.

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