Rise and Shine


To rise and shine is to get out of bed quickly and happily with plenty of energy; to wake up.


The usage of this idiom may be confusing to non-English speakers. It is always used when waking up someone else, especially children. Since few people wake up full of energy the implied meaning is often applied facetiously or humorously. A person is just as likely to use this idiom to annoy the person they are trying to wake up. The idiom is just as likely to be used to mean simply “wake up” without any conscious thought as to what the idiom actually states.

Rise and shine idiom meaning

Examples Of Use

“Rise and shine, sleepyheads!” said Mom.

“It’s almost noon, time to rise and shine.”

“It’s bad enough that Roger likes to wake me up by shouting ‘Rise and Shine’ at the top up his lungs. What I really can’t take is he does it while clanging pots and pans together.

“My training instructor in the military would never say rise and shine. He just blew a whistle and yelled ‘get up.’


In use since at least the late 1800’s, this idiom may have Biblical roots, such as Isaiah 60:1:

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”

It may also simply be an allusion to the sun rising and shining at the start of a new day.

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