Put the Pedal to the Metal

To put the pedal to the metal has long been used in regards to driving a car, especially in action movies involving car chases. It means literally to press a car’s gas pedal all the way to the floor but figuratively, it means to drive very fast. If you are in a hurry you might … Read more

Burn Rubber (to)

Meaning of Idiom ‘Burn Rubber’ To burn rubber is to drive a vehicle very fast. See also: Put the Pedal to the Metal Examples Of Use “Your appointment starts in fifteen minutes. You’d better burn rubber if you want to get there on time.” “The youth was arrested today after burning rubber all over town — … Read more

Backseat Driver Meaning

An expression in use since at least the 1920’s. Meaning of Idiom ‘Backseat Driver Idiom’ A backseat driver is a person who insists on telling the driver what to do, how to drive, what roads to take, etc., regardless if the driver wants the advice or not. This expression refers to said person being annoying. … Read more