Back On Your Feet

In use since the 1800’s


This idiom is related to a number of other idioms pertaining to being ‘on one’s feet.’ To be back on your feet is to have made a full recovery from an illness, or to have become fully adjusted to a new situation, such as a move, a new job, a divorce, or any other type of disruptive change.


“Now that I’m back on my feet after that terrible flu, I can finally get some work done.”

“The divorce really rocked him, but he’s finally back on his feet.”

“I know it’s tough adjusting to a new city. Once you get back on your feet we should get together.”


The idiom alludes to getting back to normal and becoming strong again after having been figuratively knocked off your feet. In the case of illness, this may be taken a bit more literally. To be off one’s feet is to be placed in a compromised position or to have been ‘thrown off balance.’

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