Last Fling (have a)

Also: Final Fling

Meaning of the Idiom ‘Last Fling’

To have the last fling means to have one last short period of enjoyment before circumstances curtail one’s freedom. The circumstances may be marriage, University, the military, etc. The expression may refer to simply having fun, but, in the case of marriage, it may refer to having sexual relations.


“Barry wants to have one last fling before he gets married. What do you say we take him out on the town tonight?”

“I went crazy the week before I joined the military. I figured I’d have a last fling, and then it would be all spit-shine and polish. But, after basic training, I partied as much as ever.”

“The students had one final fling before spring break was over.”


The word fling in this idiom means “a brief period of indulgence.” This usage of the word dates back to the 1800’s.

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