Rain On Someone’s Parade

An idiom in use since around the 1900’s.

Meaning of Rain on Someone’s Parade

To rain on someone’s parade is to do something which diminishes their enjoyment, excitement, or enthusiasm. To spoil someone’s plans, as by delivering bad news, etc. We often tell people “don’t rain on my parade,” which means something like “don’t spoil my fun.”

Examples Of Use

“Yes, I know the fish don’t bite as well this time of year. Don’t rain on my parade!”

“I know you were expecting an early day, and I don’t want to rain on your parade, but the boss says everyone has to stay late.”

Rain on someone's parade


This idiom may have originated with the 1964 song Don’t Rain on My Parade by Bob Merril. If the expression already existed, the song may have helped it gain wider usage.

The Army Day parade in 1939.
Thousands showed up, despite the rain

Rain on someone's parade

The reason for the idiom is easy to grasp. The ‘parade’ here refers to a large outdoor public celebration which involves a procession with marching bands, floats, and other attractions that the community comes out to see. If it were to rain on the day of the parade, the fun would certainly be spoiled, thus the idiom.

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