Take Care

Also: Take care of yourself

Meaning of Idiom ‘Take Care’

Take care means be careful; be cautious.”

Meaning of Idiom ‘Take Care of Yourself’

Take care of yourself means keep yourself healthy; be good to yourself; pay attention to your health and get well (to someone who is ill).


Both variations of this idiom are used when someone is leaving as part of a parting salutation, as in ‘Goodbye. Take care!” or “It was good to see you. Take care of yourself!” Both are often used without much thought or intention, as an offhand way of saying goodbye. Take care, alone, is sometimes used with contempt, as when one never intends to see another person. For example: “As far as I’m concerned, our friendship is over.” “Well then, take care.”

Take care is also used along with more specific advice. For example:

“The doorway is low. Take care not to bump your head.”
“The sidewalk is very slippery with ice. Take care not to slip.”
“Take care that your children do not fall under bad influences.”

Examples Of Use

“It was so nice catching up. I’ll see you soon. Until then, take care.”

“I hope you get better soon. Take care of yourself and do what your doctor tells you.”

“I’ll see you at the next meeting. Take care of yourself.”


Used as an idiom since at least the mid-1700s.

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