Bored to Death

Bore someone to death
Bore the pants off (of someone)
Bored to tears (bore someone to tears)
Bored stiff (bore someone stiff)

Meaning of Idiom ‘Bored to Death’

To be bored to death means to be extremely bored.

To bore someone to death means to be dull or uninteresting.

See worry to death.

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It is possible to “be” bored to death or have someone or something bore you to death. Either way, you are so bored by something dull and uninteresting you feel listless and weary. The other variations of this idiom are used interchangeably.

Examples Of Use

“That lecture bored me to death.

“Are you going out with Francis again?” “No, he bores me to death.”

“I’m bored to death. Do you want to go see a movie?”

“That movie bored me to tears. It had no plot!”

“Writing is not always about inspiration. Sometimes it is tedious. The details can bore your pants off.”

“This party is lame. I’m bored stiff. Let’s go do something else.”

Bored to death idiom meaning


The word bore has been used in this sense since around 1750, while the intensifiers were added between aruond 1850 and 1950. heritage

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