Daily Bread (One’s)

Meaning of Idiom ‘Daily Bread’

Daily bread refers to one’s daily food or basic essentials of living. It can also mean the money needed to pay ordinary daily expenses.

Often, references are made to ‘earning your daily bread,’ which is equivalent to earning one’s living.

Examples Of Use

“She couldn’t even earn her daily bread, let alone have any luxuries.”

“So many people go without their daily bread.”

“He delivers pizza for his daily bread.”

Daily bread idiom meaning


This idiom derives from the Bible where one’s “daily bread” was all the food needed for sustenance. This is the sense used in The Lord’s Prayer:

Give us this day our daily bread…

Bread, in biblical times, sometimes referred to all food or “provisions of the table” and at other times to the basic necessities of life. The modern use of the idiom reflects the latter. Compare to ‘man does not live by bread alone,’ where bread refers to the basic material needs of survival.

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