Daily Grind, the

Meaning of Idiom ‘The Daily Grind’

The daily grind is the boring, monotonous routine of each day, most often referring to a person’s job.

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Examples Of Use

“Tired of the daily grind, he decided to move to the country and become a farmer.”

“What have you been doing lately?” asked Pete. “Just the same old daily grind,” said Elaine.

“After such a long vacation, it’s hard to get back into the daily grind.”

“The man on the farm wants to move to the city to get away from the daily grind of farm life. The man in the city wants to get “back to the farm” to escape the daily grind of the city.”


This idiom has been in use since at least the late 1800’s.

The word grind is often used to refer to a boring or difficult activity. For example, after a hard day’s work, we might say, “What a grind that was.”

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