Drink Like a Fish

Meaning of Idiom ‘Drink Like a Fish’

To drink like a fish means to drink large amounts of alcohol; to drink too much alcohol, especially habitually.

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This expression usually refers to someone who habitually consumes excessive amounts of alcohol, but it can also be used to describe a single occasion of drinking.

Examples of Use

“Ted drinks like a fish most nights but you’d never know when he comes to work. He always seems completely sober and he never even has a hangover.”

“Oh, my head is killing me,” said Vicky. “I drank like a fish at my sister’s party last night.”

Drink like a fish idiom meaning


Used in print as early as the mid-1600’s, this idiom alludes to the way fish swim through the water with their mouths open in order to obtain oxygen, making them appear to be constantly drinking water.

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