Jump In With Both Feet

An idiom in use since the late 1800’s.

Also: Dive in with both feet.

Meaning of Jump in With Both Feet

To jump in with both feet means to become involved with something very quickly, enthusiastically, and completely. To commit completely to something without carefully thought about the situation beforehand.

The opposite of look before you leapdip a toe.

Examples Of Use

“James is always starting new hobbies. He just jumps in with both feet and then ends up spending a bunch of money on something he doesn’t even enjoy.”

“When it comes to marriage, you shouldn’t just jump in with both feet. It’s a big step!”

“You shouldn’t just jump in with both feet in a business deal. Make sure you know what you’re getting into.”

Jump in with both feet idiom meaning


This idiom alludes to jumping into water all at once without testing the temperature or depth first.

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