Turn One’s Stomach

Meaning of the Idiom “To Turn One’s Stomach’

When something ‘turns your stomach’ it makes you feel sick, disgusted, or angry. The expression does not have to refer to something that makes you nauseated but can simply refer to a negative emotional reaction.

Examples Of Use

“You should see how badly my neighbor treats his dogs. It turns my stomach!”

“There is about the way Lawrence looks at me that turns my stomach. That guy scares me.”

“Their awful behavior turned her stomach, but she was undercover so she had to pretend to be one of them.”

“I’ll never go to lunch with Greg again. The way he smacked his food just turned my stomach!”


To ‘turn one’s stomach,’ to describe being made physically ill or nauseated, has been used in English since at leat the mid-1800’s. Today, it can be used in the original sense, but to allude to a strong emotional reaction.

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