For a Song

Meaning of Idiom ‘For a Song’

For a song means cheaply; for a very low price.

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This idiom, referring to the price one pays to purchase something, sometimes, but not always has the connotation of something being sold for less than what it is worth. Some typical phrases are:

  • buy something for a song
  • get something for a song
  • pick up something for a song
  • and go for a song

Examples Of Use

“I bought a great car at the auction. Nobody else was bidding on it so I got it for a song.”

“The new tablets are very expensive but you can pick up an older model for a song.”

“This is not a good time to sell a house. I’ll be forced to sell it for a song unless I find the perfect buyer.”

“Don’t buy your kids presents at that store. They mark up the prices too high. The same toys go for a song at the store down the road.”


Used since at least the late 1890s, this idiom alludes to being able to purchase someting for the mere act of singing a song.

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